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It’s a digital video camcorder that’s eager to please. Turn on the SC-DC 575 DVD Camcorder and start shooting in less than 10 seconds! The strong zooms - 26x optical and 1200x digital - gives you incredible closeup-grabbing power. The 1MegaPixel CCD ensures each frame is bursting with crystal-clear color and detail, while Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) virtually eliminates picture shakiness normally associated with handheld camcorders.

The +R DVD or SD/MMC Memory Card storage capabilities help extend your shooting time.
SAMSUNG’s PictBridge™ technology makes printing still-frame shots a snap. All the latest digital video technologies come together, so that you can keep shooting, trouble-free, all you want.

amazing digital video quality
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Using a 1M pixel light-sensitive integrated circuit (CCD), this camcorder stores and displays high-resolution images with superior detail and clarity, for jaw-dropping video quality that surpasses that of conventional recording.

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